How to Dress for a Ranch Getaway

So, you have booked your dream vacation to a ranch but haven’t packed the right clothes. Start by understanding what’s comfortable enough because a whole lot of fun is in store for you.

Casual Flair

Ranch wear should be casual to keep you comfy throughout the day in the saddle or on the fishing pond. During summer, the climate demands lighter clothing. Pair some cobra tights available at with leather sandals. In the evening, switch to boot-cut jeans, a western-style blouse, and cowboy boots.

Comfort is Key

The best pants for a weekend in a dude ranch should neither be overly loose nor tight. You want flexible materials like the seamless tights offered at Aimn. Avoid designer pants that could be tarnished in the brush. High-rise pants are better than low-rise styles.

Keep Warm

Weather conditions in the ranch can change dramatically, and you need to be ready with the right attire. It will help if you carry the Aimn cappuccino hoodie or boost hoodie that come with matching pants. As you run down the trail, you might experience a post-run shiver, and it is at this point you need to pull a hooded sweatshirt. Luckily, Aimn offers the best windbreakers, fur jackets, fleece jackets, reversible jackets, and sweatsuit hoodies. They should keep you warm, including those with comfy half zip.


After having a good time with animals, it is obvious you’re going to get sweaty. Grab some cozy clothes to rest on a hammock swing e.g. comfy sweatpants or soft tights to pair with a crop top. So long as you are fully dressed, you won’t offend anyone at the ranch.

Complete the Look

No matter how meticulous you are in packing for a dude ranch vacation, it is normal to forget some accessories. Make sure you have a beanie, buckle belt, and khaki stripe cap from Go bold with a maori hat or cowboy hat to shield your face from the sun. Don’t worry about finding a helmet to ride a horse because the ranch is going to supply. But it is good to confirm before you leave. An elastic buckle belt is a must-have accessory if you fancy western riding. Bandanas are stylish ways to protect the face from dust, while scarves will keep you warm during chilly mornings.

Protect the Arms

Even though you would wish to wear short-sleeves on hot days, long-sleeves are the most suitable attires to protect you on a ranch. You want your arms to stay safe as you ride comfortably through the woods. You can dress in layers e.g. combine a t-shirt with a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt. Remove the sweater when the temperatures get hotter.

Some ranch activities require you to get into the waters to have fun. Expect some cool streams, fishing spots and spots you can do power tubing and white-water rafting. So, don’t forget a swimsuit for these purposes.

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