How to Host a Perfect Wedding Anniversary Party in a Ranch

So your wedding anniversary is coming up soon, and you are wondering the best way to celebrate it? How about having a themed party at a ranch near you? If you are looking for something extraordinary and a memorable experience, make it unique and travel out of town to the ranch of your dreams.

Such special days deserve going all out to show your partner that you treasure your life together. However, this calls for proper planning, especially if you are looking into hosting a few close friends and family. Here’s a great guide to help you with the preparation.

Decide on your menu in good time: One of the things your guests will remember you and your party for, is the kind of food they were served. Since there are products that might not be readily available at the ranch of your choice, it is better to select your menu in good time so that prior arrangements are made for purchasing them. If, for instance, you are looking for a high-end hotel experience out there, ensure that even items such as martini glasses are acquired way beforehand. Make it clear on the experience you are looking for right from the word go.

Create your guest list and send invitations: Coming up with a guest list has to be one of the most challenging aspects when planning such an event. It is your party; decide who you want to share the moment with early enough, and send out the invitation to allow them to plan for it.

Create a theme and communicate with those attending: One of the most significant advantages of hosting such a party in a ranch is the flexibility you have when it comes to deciding on the theme. Whatever tickles your fancy, go for it and let your guests know about it early enough.

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