Winter Horseback Riding Tips

If you love touring ranch resorts during cold seasons for whatever reason, you have to brace yourself for the freezing temperatures. Going for a vacation during the winter does not mean bidding farewell to horse riding. With the right conditions and horse riding gear, you can always enjoy the crisp outdoors. If you are planning to take on some snow trails during your winter vacation, here are some tips to help you appreciate the beauty of romping through the snow.

Groom Your Horse

Before setting out on the trails, it is imperative to groom your horse thoroughly. If your horse is blanketed and clipped, for instance, brush away the dirt and make sure to check for irritations from the blanket. It is also essential to talk to a farrier about your horse’s grooming needs.

Wear Warm Clothes

Just as you would ensure your horse is well-groomed before setting forth, it is equally essential for you to keep cozy. When riding in a cold environment, make sure that you wear thin cotton and fleece layers. You might also consider wearing insulated boots, ski gloves, ear warmers, and a cowboy hat.

Know the Footing

Riding a horse in snowy terrains can be risky. Ideally, grounds with feathery snows are deemed safe as far as winter riding is concerned. Avoid riding in icy areas as seeing the terrain properly could be a challenge. If by any chance you have to ride in a terrain that is covered by ice, make sure that you are conversant with the footing of the area.

Riding on Snow

Whether you are just out for a walk with your horse or you’re competing with others, it is important to brace yourself for the riding experience. You need to ensure that both you and your horse are well hydrated. Also, start the ride slow as you warm up to avoid injuries later on. You can always take on what the weather throws at you, but it does not hurt cutting the ride short when the weather is not just right.

After the Ride

After a successful ride, ensure that your horse is cooled down. This could mean ending your ride with a slow walk, considering that horses take significantly longer to cool down. You also need to dry the horse and groom her well, depending on her temperature.

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